Below are some frequently asked questions about the world of Transformer Tubes. Please reach out to us at support@transformersbong.com for anything not answered here!


Q: How do Transformer Tubes work?

A: Transformer Tubes are sort of like LEGO®s meets bongs, with a twist – literally! We’ve taken the basic components of a traditional bong and made them into individualized modules. Modules are the building blocks of your bong, and each one features a male and female thread that can screw on to any other module, allowing you to create the bong of your dreams!

Q: What are Transformer Tubes made of?

A: Transformer Tubes are made out of Polycarbonate plastic, though they come with a glass bowl and downstem, so you’re always smoking out of glass!

Q: Is Polycarbonate safe to smoke out of?

Our polycarbonate plastic is BPA-free, and completely safe to smoke out of. Since we use a glass bowl & stem, there is never enough heat from a lighter’s flame to cause any concern for the plastic.

Q: What are the benefits of polycarbonate?

  • Shatterproof & Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Can be cleaned in your dishwasher, or easily with isopropyl alcohol and salt.

Q: What are the benefits to modularity?

  • You can purchase modules a la carte to customize the experience you’re looking for!
  • Easy to upgrade or replace modules. Start small and buy modules as you need.
  • Easy to transport – our bongs can fit discreetly inside a backpack or large purse, all without the worry of breakage!
  • Preparation – with modularity, it’s easy to fill up multiple percolators or ice catchers, or even the base unit, all right from the sink!

Q: How do I clean my Transformer Tube?

Easy! Being able to disassemble your pipe into individual sections makes cleaning a cinch.  Transformer Tubes can be cleaned with Isopropyl Alcohol and table salt. Never use Acetone – it will turn your plastic cloudy! You can also stick them in your Dishwasher for no hassle cleaning!